Discount Codes Expiring

A reminder to everyone that all coupon/discount codes expire 12/31 @ midnight. If you’re planning to use them in the shop, time is running out! I hope everyone in the US had a peaceful and joyfilled Thanksgiving. I appreciate everyone’s patience if I’m less active on the website and social media this time of year….

Shop Update

BLUE RUST is available in the shop now on my Workhorse Fingering Base. SHOP LINK HERE

Shop Update

EVERGREEN is live in the shop now on my Workhorse Fingering Base. SHOP LINK HERE

Shop Update

TAYLOR is live in the shop now on my Workhorse Fingering Base. SHOP LINK HERE

Today in the Dye Pots

Some days I just need color, and lots of it! I’m not ordinarily a huge speckler while I’m dyeing, but today just felt like a speckle kind if day. There are other colors dyeing now but I can’t take pics yet so you’ll just have to wait.

The Good Feels

Not everyone has the time to leave a review. I get that. Honestly reviews are super, but nothing feels better to me as a dyer and an artist than a repeat customer. Welcome back, friends. Have a seat and stay awhile. Please don’t forget to share pictures of some of your beautiful makes using our…

Rivendell Collection Available Now!

(Click the image for more information.) These deep, saturated, emotive colors are custom one-of-a-kind colors hand crafted by the dyer. Each skein is dyed using a layering technique so that each color is one of a kind. You want find these colors anywhere else! This collection is currently available on our SW Merino DK base….

Sneak Peek…

At what I’ve been working on. The fall collection RIVENDELL will launch in the next few days. Subscribers to the newsletter (sign-up link at the top of the page) will get a 10% discount to all of the yarn in this collection.

A Day at the Dye Pots

Look for these two tonals in DK in the next shop update. I’ll post pics as they’re cooled, washed and dried as well.

Untwisting Stitches

Today I had to rip back about 4″ of work on my daughter’s poncho. The first row I knit with increases (M1) I used my right needle to pick up the bar between stitches to make a new stitch when I should have used my left needle instead and consequently it left holes every five…

My View This Morning

While the snow is beautiful, it can play havoc on shipping to and fro. I received an email from UPS and apparently my yarn bases won’t arrive until Monday. Sigh. In the meantime I have orders to pack and ship and some knitting to get finished. Knitting time is always a favorite time. I ordered…

Match Made in Heaven

I love these two together – Titania and Soleil. Available in the shop on my sw merino/silk fingering base. Any knit with this pair would look incredible.

Ah, Monday.

Not only is it Monday but we started the day with 10″ of fresh snow. We’re supposed to get another 6″ tomorrow. I hope it’s clear for Halloween later this week, at least. Other than the snow, we’re doing well at Casa Strawberry Hill. I did get a ship notice on some new yarn bases…