Untwisting Stitches

Today I had to rip back about 4″ of work on my daughter’s poncho. The first row I knit with increases (M1) I used my right needle to pick up the bar between stitches to make a new stitch when I should have used my left needle instead and consequently it left holes every five stitches that entire round.

When it first happened I just kept knitting, thinking it could be a design feature. Maybe I’d run a ribbon through the holes or something. But as my work progressed I hated those holes. So I had to rip it back.

If you’re like me, when it’s time to pick up the stitches and start working again, getting the stitches on the needle is paramount. I wasn’t very careful about which direction I grabbed them from.

Inevitably most of the stitches were twisted. But at least I got them all, right?!

See how the right leg of the stitch is in back of the needle? That’s a twisted stitch.

No need to worry however. If you run into this problem, and have a twisted stitch, the solution is simple. Just…

Knit into the back loop. It will twist your stitch back around the right way and your work will look like it never happened.

Hope this helps!

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