Custom Orders

**As of 2/5/2020 Strawberry Hill Fiber Studio will not be offering custom dyeing options. We will open ordering windows for custom dye work through the course of the year and will advertise those opportunities on our website and social media in advance. For in stock purchasing opportunities please visit our store.

I offer custom dyeing options to everybody on a variety of bases and fiber blends. I’m happy to work with you to create a yarn worthy of your skill.

The turnaround time for dyed-to-order skeins is 2-5 weeks depending on the availability of the yarn base.  If the yarn base must be restocked, there is a 4-5 week turnaround time.  If the base is in-stock and ready to be dyed, I can have your order in the mail within two weeks.  You will receive a notification as soon as the order ships.  If you purchase In-Stock yarn in addition to a dye-to-order skein(s), all of the yarn will ship at the same time (upon completion of the dye-to-order) unless you request it be sent sooner and agree to pay shipping for separate orders.


Sometimes you need more than you we carry in stock in the store.

That is not a problem.  You  may place special orders for larger quantities of yarn on a single base and in a single colorway.  You must order a minimum of 3 skeins of the same colorway/base. Unless a mistake has been made in the preparation of your order, all custom order sales are final and non-refundable.


Custom orders are billed to the recipient via paypal (a paypal account is not required for payment). A link for payment is sent to the recipient. Payment must be received prior to the yarn being dyed. The total cost will reflect all shipping charges, discounts, and yarn caking services (if desired and specified). (all shipping charges are laid out in the Policies section—US orders over $175 ship free!)


  1.  First, decide which colorway you’d like to order. I do not dye custom colorways.  Colorways requested for special orders must be featured in the Strawberry Hill Fiber Studio® Colorway Gallery.
  2.  Next, choose your base.  Find all yarn base information here.
  3.  Ensure that you are ordering all the same colorway and on all the same yarn base and have a minimum of 3 skeins in your order. For different colorways submit different orders. I will combine shipping on all custom orders I receive within 24 hours of each other prior to billing.
  4.  Complete the following information with a detailed request for your special order and submit your order via the form below.
  • First and Last Name
  • PayPal Email (for invoicing)  
  • Any Coupon Codes you Have
  • Yarn Base  
  • Colorway 
    • NOTE: Non SuperWash dye jobs do not look exactly like their Superwash counterparts.
  • Number of Skeins (minimum of 3 skeins per order)
    • If you are ordering more than one sweater’s quantity, please complete one order form for each colorway. I will combine shipping for sweater quantity custom orders that are placed within 24 hours of each other.

 I will respond to your request within 24 hours (immediately, in most cases) letting you know that I have received the order.  I will then send you an invoice for your order using the PayPal email you provide.


*If an invoice goes unpaid for seven days following the date of issue, the order will be cancelled. 
*Please take the time to learn about the yarn base you are selecting prior to making your order.  Superwash and non-Superwash yarns behave differently in the dye bath.  I provide a description of each yarn base here and will answer any specific questions you may have via