Crystal Stitch Markers & Progress Keepers

Something that speaks to my heart and that I’ve always wanted to incorporate into the shop is crystals. I just placed an order for a variety of crystal pendants I’ll be making into stitch marker set and progress keepers. Watch this space for updates!

Restocking Day

Today is a big day in the studio. I just restocked several pounds of undyed merino and corriedale cross top roving for hand-dyed fiber braids, dyed merino for custom blended fiber batts, and undyed prespun sock skeins for hand dying. Now the creative part of the journey begins. I’ll post pictures and links to YouTube…

Merino Fiber Batts

My new drum carder came today and I made a few batts from a merino fleece I’ve had in my stash a few years. These batts are so soft, so beautiful and no neps. A little VM but nothing crazy. I couldn’t be happier! The next step is to spin these up and see how…

Fleece Elves

My little fleece elves are helping me sort a new merino fleece. It’s so much faster with all 3 of us working! If I leave it out over night, will they finish it for me? 😉