More Slippers

I swear I know how to knit more than slippers. I’ve just been on a slipper palooza of knitting lately. Here’s my latest pair. These ones are for me. 🙂

Slippers #4

Slipper Pair #4, for my youngest son (who is only 16 mins younger than his brother – twins). Yet again a new design. The holes in the front where I picked up with crochet are driving me nuts. My son said, “So what? I’m just wearing them around the house.” He’s right. But for the…

More Slippers, Again!

Finished slippers #3 for my oldest daughter. She picked the colors, and they’re so cute! Yet again another pattern, totally wingin it. I just started slippers #4 for my youngest son and they’re going to be similar to this yet a little different. I love these slippers, they’re adorable! When I finally get to knit…

More Slippers

I knit another pair of house slippers. This pair is for my littlest (she’s 4) and more mocassin-like than the last pair. I completely created this pattern from scratch so I don’t have a link I can share. But I think they’re adorable and she loves them! This stash burning/slipper making kick I’m on is…

Super Simple Garter Slippers

I made a super simple garter slipper today. Size 8 needles, worsted weight yarn, 100% wool. (Don’t look at my loose ends, I’ll sew them in later). I think I may crochet around the ankle for added support. Nothing special, but it is my first ever slipper. Once I get good at making these I…

WIP (Work in Progress)

Wound a ball for my next pair of socks. I have three colorways I plan on dyeing this week. Urban Dream will definitely be one of them. I can’t wait to show you how this colorway looks knit up. ❤

Next Knitting Project

My next pair of socks (some assembly required). Cleaned the shop out of Urban Dream. Will definitely be dyeing this colorway again. It’s gorgeous!

Flicking Knitting Method

I love knitting, am an avid knitter and always have a knitting project (or three) on the needles. Knitting is a satisfying and cathartic endeavor. My biggest and maybe only qualm with knitting is that I can’t do it faster. I like to joke that I knit like molasses. In an effort to speed up…

Untwisting Stitches

Today I had to rip back about 4″ of work on my daughter’s poncho. The first row I knit with increases (M1) I used my right needle to pick up the bar between stitches to make a new stitch when I should have used my left needle instead and consequently it left holes every five…

Match Made in Heaven

I love these two together – Titania and Soleil. Available in the shop on my sw merino/silk fingering base. Any knit with this pair would look incredible.

Ah, Monday.

Not only is it Monday but we started the day with 10″ of fresh snow. We’re supposed to get another 6″ tomorrow. I hope it’s clear for Halloween later this week, at least. Other than the snow, we’re doing well at Casa Strawberry Hill. I did get a ship notice on some new yarn bases…

Finally Finished the “Sparkly Socks”

She calls them her sparkly socks because they’re dyed on my glimmer base. I realized after I took this picture that her sock was on crooked. It was super sunny and I just didn’t see it. Oh well, at least the socks from my Bouquet colorway are finally finished! She hasn’t taken them off since….

Reyna Shawl Progress

I haven’t worked on my Reyna shawl for a while but needed a break from socks so I picked it back up. I think I also had a mental block about this color combo. I just wasn’t sure I liked it. Now that I’ve laid down some tracks I am really digging how this is…

Oberon Colorway

A customer knit these gloves out of my Oberon colorway on a fingering weight yarn. Aren’t they beautiful?