Slippers #4

Slipper Pair #4, for my youngest son (who is only 16 mins younger than his brother – twins). Yet again a new design. The holes in the front where I picked up with crochet are driving me nuts. My son said, “So what? I’m just wearing them around the house.” He’s right. But for the next pair I’m going to use this design with the crochet finishing of the blue and green pair. Yes, I’m making more. My husband wants a pair like the mocassins I made for my youngest (purple and red). After those I’d like a pair for myself. I also have some family living far away whose feet I’d like to warm with a pair this fall. This was supposed to be a stash buster project. Burn through my old worsted weight wools. But these slippers got so popular and were so quick to knit, and I’ve had such fun playing with the design elements, that I ordered more yarn. Just worsted wool for slippers, but a lot of fun colors. I may have also bought wool for a few hats, or maybe a sweater as well. I’m thinking of knitting up a few slipper sets to sell at my future fiber shows or online in the shop. My oldest daughter wants to learn how to sew on leather soles. We’re looking for kits to do that with. Fun times. 🙂

Edited to add: you can see a spot on one side with red yarn in green stitches. I knit in my ends while stitching these so there was only one end to weave in when I was finished + the tail from the crochet edging. I hate weaving in ends, and they’re house slippers.

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