More Slippers

I swear I know how to knit more than slippers. I’ve just been on a slipper palooza of knitting lately. Here’s my latest pair. These ones are for me. 🙂

More Slippers

I knit another pair of house slippers. This pair is for my littlest (she’s 4) and more mocassin-like than the last pair. I completely created this pattern from scratch so I don’t have a link I can share. But I think they’re adorable and she loves them! This stash burning/slipper making kick I’m on is…

Super Simple Garter Slippers

I made a super simple garter slipper today. Size 8 needles, worsted weight yarn, 100% wool. (Don’t look at my loose ends, I’ll sew them in later). I think I may crochet around the ankle for added support. Nothing special, but it is my first ever slipper. Once I get good at making these I…

Witch Hat Stitch Marker Sets

Well, aren’t they adorable? Finished making the witch hat stitch marker sets. Next I’ll work on their packaging and then get them in the shop. Watch this post for an update and shop link once I get one up. ❤

Productive Day, Packaging My Makes for Sale

Busy day today getting progress keepers packaged for sale. You’ve seen the bees on honeycomb keepers and the enamel kitties before if you watch this space. My daughter is drooling over those, and there’s only a few of each color. Be forewarned. 😉 I also started putting together the cutest stitch marker sets. They’re five…

Finished BFL/Silk Spin

Finished this BFL/silk spin. Not sure how or when I’ll ply it. I’m in “spin all the things!” mode. Plying will come later. Watch this space to see what’s on the wheel next.