Productive Day, Packaging My Makes for Sale

Busy day today getting progress keepers packaged for sale. You’ve seen the bees on honeycomb keepers and the enamel kitties before if you watch this space. My daughter is drooling over those, and there’s only a few of each color. Be forewarned. 😉

I also started putting together the cutest stitch marker sets. They’re five silver-toned witch hats, with either one broom, cauldron, a sixth witch hat, or tiny flying witch marker as part of the set. There’s a sneak peak of them in the bottom right corner. I’m waiting on the pieces they slide onto the yarn through to arrive so I can finish making them. Trying something new. Supply chain issues. Once those pieces arrive I’ll put the adorable witch hat sets together and up in the shop. I have 9 sets total, as described above.

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