Stitch Marker Sets in the Shop

I’ve almost finished getting these stitch marker sets in the shop. They’re adorable, I love how they turned out! I’ll post the direct shop link to them here as soon as they’re live, so watch this space.

Progress Keepers in Progress

Just touching base and letting everyone know what I’m up to in the studio. I’ve been working on making new progress keepers and stitch marker sets. I sincerely enjoy making them, and I’m eager to bring some fresh new products and beautiful things to the shop to share with you. Here’s a glimpse of what’s…

Witch Hat Stitch Marker Sets

Well, aren’t they adorable? Finished making the witch hat stitch marker sets. Next I’ll work on their packaging and then get them in the shop. Watch this post for an update and shop link once I get one up. ❤

Productive Day, Packaging My Makes for Sale

Busy day today getting progress keepers packaged for sale. You’ve seen the bees on honeycomb keepers and the enamel kitties before if you watch this space. My daughter is drooling over those, and there’s only a few of each color. Be forewarned. 😉 I also started putting together the cutest stitch marker sets. They’re five…

Crystal Stitch Markers & Progress Keepers

Something that speaks to my heart and that I’ve always wanted to incorporate into the shop is crystals. I just placed an order for a variety of crystal pendants I’ll be making into stitch marker set and progress keepers. Watch this space for updates!