More Slippers

I swear I know how to knit more than slippers. I’ve just been on a slipper palooza of knitting lately. Here’s my latest pair. These ones are for me. 🙂

Slippers #4

Slipper Pair #4, for my youngest son (who is only 16 mins younger than his brother – twins). Yet again a new design. The holes in the front where I picked up with crochet are driving me nuts. My son said, “So what? I’m just wearing them around the house.” He’s right. But for the…

More Slippers, Again!

Finished slippers #3 for my oldest daughter. She picked the colors, and they’re so cute! Yet again another pattern, totally wingin it. I just started slippers #4 for my youngest son and they’re going to be similar to this yet a little different. I love these slippers, they’re adorable! When I finally get to knit…

Stitch Marker Sets in the Shop

I’ve almost finished getting these stitch marker sets in the shop. They’re adorable, I love how they turned out! I’ll post the direct shop link to them here as soon as they’re live, so watch this space.

More Slippers

I knit another pair of house slippers. This pair is for my littlest (she’s 4) and more mocassin-like than the last pair. I completely created this pattern from scratch so I don’t have a link I can share. But I think they’re adorable and she loves them! This stash burning/slipper making kick I’m on is…

Super Simple Garter Slippers

I made a super simple garter slipper today. Size 8 needles, worsted weight yarn, 100% wool. (Don’t look at my loose ends, I’ll sew them in later). I think I may crochet around the ankle for added support. Nothing special, but it is my first ever slipper. Once I get good at making these I…

Now shipping to Canada!

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Starting today we’ll be shipping orders to Canada! Je t’aimerais toujours, Canada!

Progress Keepers in Progress

Just touching base and letting everyone know what I’m up to in the studio. I’ve been working on making new progress keepers and stitch marker sets. I sincerely enjoy making them, and I’m eager to bring some fresh new products and beautiful things to the shop to share with you. Here’s a glimpse of what’s…

Fiber Batts

Today’s fun – making fiber batts for the shop. All merino, and beautifully dyed. I hope you like them.

WIP (Work in Progress)

Wound a ball for my next pair of socks. I have three colorways I plan on dyeing this week. Urban Dream will definitely be one of them. I can’t wait to show you how this colorway looks knit up. ❤

Next Knitting Project

My next pair of socks (some assembly required). Cleaned the shop out of Urban Dream. Will definitely be dyeing this colorway again. It’s gorgeous!