Great Review

Another fabulous review in the shop today. Your satisfaction is my goal. To bring beautiful and quality handmade products so you can make your makes that much more special.

Witch Hat Stitch Marker Sets

Well, aren’t they adorable? Finished making the witch hat stitch marker sets. Next I’ll work on their packaging and then get them in the shop. Watch this post for an update and shop link once I get one up. ❤

Productive Day, Packaging My Makes for Sale

Busy day today getting progress keepers packaged for sale. You’ve seen the bees on honeycomb keepers and the enamel kitties before if you watch this space. My daughter is drooling over those, and there’s only a few of each color. Be forewarned. 😉 I also started putting together the cutest stitch marker sets. They’re five…

Flicking Knitting Method

I love knitting, am an avid knitter and always have a knitting project (or three) on the needles. Knitting is a satisfying and cathartic endeavor. My biggest and maybe only qualm with knitting is that I can’t do it faster. I like to joke that I knit like molasses. In an effort to speed up…

Crystal Stitch Markers & Progress Keepers

Something that speaks to my heart and that I’ve always wanted to incorporate into the shop is crystals. I just placed an order for a variety of crystal pendants I’ll be making into stitch marker set and progress keepers. Watch this space for updates!

Restocking Day

Today is a big day in the studio. I just restocked several pounds of undyed merino and corriedale cross top roving for hand-dyed fiber braids, dyed merino for custom blended fiber batts, and undyed prespun sock skeins for hand dying. Now the creative part of the journey begins. I’ll post pictures and links to YouTube…

Having fun making fiber batts this Fourth. A lot of natural, undyed fiber blends. And some predyed merino batts. Look for these in the shop in the very near future.

Shop Update

Sorting new stitch markers/progress keepers, fiber batts and hand dyed roving into the shop in the coming days. Watch this space for updates!

Merino Fiber Batts

My new drum carder came today and I made a few batts from a merino fleece I’ve had in my stash a few years. These batts are so soft, so beautiful and no neps. A little VM but nothing crazy. I couldn’t be happier! The next step is to spin these up and see how…

Shop Announcement

15% off everything in the store today through June 30th and free shipping on all orders over $35. Making room for new dye lots fresh from the pots. Stay safe everyone, and happy knitting/weaving/making. ❤

Finished BFL/Silk Spin

Finished this BFL/silk spin. Not sure how or when I’ll ply it. I’m in “spin all the things!” mode. Plying will come later. Watch this space to see what’s on the wheel next.

Shop Update

My apologies for not posting sooner. Life, as I’m sure it’s been for everyone, has been hectic. The shop is reopened, up and running. I’m preparing to add custom fiber batts for hand spinners to the shop in the near future as well, which is really where my heart is at. I’ll do better about…

Shop Notice

A notice to our friends and family that the shop has been put on hold for the moment. Frankly I haven’t been dyeing in the midst of what was going to be a house sale and move (which is now on hold as well) and now the virus pandemic. For our own safety and yours…