Superwash Wool vs Non-Superwash Wool

Superwash wool and non-superwash wool take dye in very different ways. The picture above is my “Snow Apple” colorway. It’s a myriad of crimson hues in one skein. The bigger DK weight skein on the left is 80% non-superwash merino wool and 20% cashmere. The fingering weight skein on the right is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon. You can clearly see that the superwash skein has taken the dye more vibrantly. The colors are much more saturated in the superwash skein.

I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation about how the removed denticles on the superwash wool fibers that have been removed are what refracts and softens the light and color on the non-superwash skein and that’s why they look different.

The point is that they do look different. Period. No matter how saturated or deep the colors are, they will always look different. So bare that in mind when you’re looking at yarn bases to buy when you’re planning or shopping for your next project.

All yarn is beautiful. Every project is gorgeous. But not all yarns are created equal, just differently. Find the right tool for the outcome you’re planning.

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