Lucky Whoops

I was dyeing a new colorway (Soleil) and an old colorway (Titania) today on my wool/silk 80/20 fingering base. After everything was said and done and in the pans cooling I sat back looking at my work and realized – I just dyed the color combo the Reyna shawl I’m knitting (you can find pics and updates on this site and Instagram). Such a happy coincidence!So if you like how my Reyna shawl is knitting up (pic below) and want to knit this color combo for yourself, you can find the same colors on an even prettier base in the shop in a few days. After it dries. Pics of everything still wet in the pan below.How is it that everything I dye turns out to be my most favorite thing I’ve ever dyed? You should see this yarn, it’s stunning!Here’s my Reyna…

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