PETA are Wrong About Wool!

There’s a disturbing and dishonest campaign right now by PETA against the wool industry. This push is misguided and ignorant. Not only do the animals benefit from being sheared but so do we who utilize that wool. And most importantly so does the environment. Synthetic fibers are petroleum based, are not biodegradable and shed microplastics into the environment. Wool is biodegradable, water resistant, and a renewable resource.

In fact PETA’s campaign is so dishonest and ridiculous that their advertising for this campaign has been outlawed in the UK. Educate yourself, know the facts.

“PETA continues to spread lies about wool and the care and shearing of sheep. Shearing does NOT harm the sheep and is beneficial to the health of the animal! I know many, many shepards who value their sheep and care for them like family! Synthetics are NOT better than wool, not even close! PETA is either terribly misinformed or downright malicious – but cannot be believed!” – Laurie Golding

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