Yarn Support

There’s a beautiful synchronicity between the perfect yarn and the perfect pattern. It takes a special person to bring those two things together, and that person is often a knitwear designer. I share a passion of fiber with designers, and color, and play. So I will wholeheartedly and enthusiastically support the fiber arts by offering yarn support to professional and published knitwear designers.

I will also offer knitwear partners a custom 15% discount code to my entire shop for you to share with your viewers.

If you are a professional knitwear designer, have published 2 or more patterns on Ravelry, and would like to discuss the option of using my yarn for your designs then please reach out via the “contact” form at the top of the site.

I offer custom dyeing options on a variety of bases, can run extended production on exclusive colorways, offer competitive prices, heirloom quality yarns and dyeing, and am happy to put together and offer sets to accompany the launch of new patterns, as well as offer media support through Strawberry Hill Fiber Studio channels.

Don’t be a stranger. Let’s make beautiful things together!

Becky, Owner and Hand Dyer
Strawberry Hill Fiber Studio

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