If you’re a giver like me, and are looking for a way to give to others in need through your making then here are a few fiber-related charities to get you started. I’ll be running make-a-longs, sales and giveaways to benefit various charities, including some of the ones mentioned here, along the way so watch this website and my Instagram feed for updates. In the meantime these organizations are always willing and grateful to receive your generosity. Think of giving to someone in need today.


Christine M. Fabiani learned to make crocheted caps, and made them for her sons. A friend remarked how she would have loved to have one when she underwent chemotherapy and lost her hair. Chemo patients are often cold in clinics and hospitals, and wigs aren’t comfortable all the time. Fabiani responded by founding Knots of Love, which provides cancer patients with handmade caps. Volunteers make knitted or crocheted caps that are sent to treatment centers all over. Tens of thousands of caps have been distributed since 2007. Instructions for donating caps are here.

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Binky Patrol is an organization that provides donated handmade security blankets to children in need. These include kids battling HIV, drug abuse, child abuse, or chronic and terminal illnesses. Volunteers can make blankets in a variety of ways: knitting, crocheting, quilting, or just sewing up a nice piece of fleece fabric. “Binkys” range from two-feet-square for preemies up to twin bed size, and all sizes in between. Learn more about volunteering and making blankets in this video by founder Susan Finch.

binky patrol

Knitted Knockers –

Knitted Knockers is a nonprofit that provides handmade prosthetic breasts to mastectomy patients. They organize knitters to make knitted cotton breasts that are lightweight, comfortable, and—most importantly—free to those who need them. Since 2010, they have received and distributed over 5000 knitted breasts.

jmp 002 knitted knockers

Knitting for Premies

Those tiny little babies tethered to the NICU need something soft, warm and snuggly more than almost anybody. Having had two of my four children spend time in the NICU after they were born this cause is near and dear to my heart. The truth is that you are better off finding local charities for this cause, through your local hospital. For that reason I won’t link to one specific charity. But I am going to link to a website with excellent information about the types of patterns, gauge, yarn and “rules” to understand before you grab your needles.


These charities are just the tip of the iceberg. Just google “knitting charities” and the list goes on for miles. I will add links and info for more organizations as I cross their paths and will do what I can to help those in need through these organizations. I hope you’ll do the same.